Ronan Conroy learned to play guitar while listening to the Cure, Jimi Hendrix, and John Lee Hooker, and learned to write songs while studying Bob Mould, Nick Cave, and Bob Dylan.

Folk-inspired lyrics come naturally for Ronan, who spent years honing in on his unique style by playing in singer-songwriter open mics in Dublin, Ireland and New York City, before recording two albums with Brooklyn hard-folk band The Listeners – 2008’s “Lamentations” and 2010’s “Fix.”

Ronan played lead guitar with Oh Halo between 2011 and 2014, embracing the opportunity to experiment with and develop his guitar style, welding a range of guitar effects to his Hendrix and Robert Smith influences. He brought two songs with him into the band – “Dream Lucy” and “(Gifts of) A Lesser Man” – both featured on Oh Halo’s second album “Ghosts Can’t Be Buried.” Ronan co-wrote the music for three more songs on “Ghosts,” and those five songs were all selected by other artists to remix on Oh Halo’s 2014 “Remixed” EP. While with Oh Halo, Ronan also released a limited edition 7″ double A-side featuring “Dream Lucy” and Children of Mu’s “Solarized.”

In March 2013 Ronan embarked on a “never-ending album” project, recording over 60 songs in three years, working with the incredibly talented producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist Charles Nieland (guitarist with Her Vanished Grace), with a host of guest musicians including Justin Wierbonski (Children of Mu, Quiet Sons, Demonic Sweaters) and Satoshi Inoue (Quiet Sons, Cerenkov).

“Discontent,” “The Game,” and “not a part of anything,” and “Blood Dread” are all results of the “never-ending album” project, and more projects are nearing completion.